Hi Peter,

Peter Rolf <indi...@gmx.net> writes:

> I get the same 'kind of knockedout' text as in the other example...
> but the black text is set as /DeviceGray and not /DeviceCMYK
> (k-component). You can make this visible by using
> 'Vorschau: Separiert' with the option 'Einblenden: Nicht-DeviceCMYK'.
> I think this is just a limitation of the previewer. You can define
> your own cmyk black with \definecolor[myblack][k=1]. I bet that the
> knockedout effect will vanish with cmyk black (untested).

You're right.  With k=1, the 'kind of knockedout' vanishes.  Thank you
very much, Peter!

So is it advisable to change all black to cmyk black or can I safely
rely on the DeviceGray black?

>> Can you test the following?  My Acrobat is on a machine without net, and
>> my usb stick broke within the experiments.  
> prepress mess + bad luck => *have a break and enjoy your weekend* :)

Well, due to your kind help, I'm able to do so now :-)

Thanks again,

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