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Is it possible to truncate the digits after decimal point in Metapost
when using textext()? Please see the minimal example below which
produces 1.84375. Can I just keep the first digit and have it produce
1.8 ?


If you are using mkiv, you can use lua to truncate a number.

\unexpanded\def\truncate#1{\ctxlua{context("\%.1f", #1)}}

  def truncatedtext(expr s) =
    textext("\truncate{" & s & "}")
  enddef ;

  u := 1cm;
  pickup pencircle scaled 2pt; % default pen thickness
  vardef f(expr x) =
  %label.lft(textext("\truncate{" & decimal f(5) & "}"),(0,f(5)) scaled u);
  label.lft(truncatedtext(decimal f(5)),(0,f(5)) scaled u);


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