Am 17.01.2010 um 15:28 schrieb Hans van der Meer:

> Thanks.
> 'itemalign' seems absent from the original ConTeXt-manual I have in use (but 
> that is fairly old, of course).

itemalign is a newer option (was added about 2 years ago)

> Your code results in very tight item labels:
> 1.start-of-item-text
> I managed to get
> 1. start-of-item-text
> by using [stopper={.~}] But is there a more general way to enlarge the item's 
> width? Using [width=dimension] seemed no help, neither did changing [fit] 
> with [broad], [2*broad]. And using [itemwidth=dimension] as an analogy to 
> itemalign neither.

\dorecurse{10}{\item item \recurselevel}


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