Hans Hagen wrote:
> as it takes less time wrting a helper than explaining how to do it i
> just added it as feature (a few years from probably only wolfgang
> remembers that it's there)
> i'll upload a beta to the website that provides ...
> \starttext
> \dorecurse {100} {
>      test \footnote{\doifnoteonsamepageelse[footnote]{ibidem}{aaa}}
> }
> \stoptext
> keep in mind that such features, depending on multiple passes, might
> result in a few more as it will never get things right the first time
> actually, in some cases it might make sense to delete the tuc file
> before a run
> Hans

Thank you very much for all that effort! It works very well and as a side-
effect also gives me a nice point to start learning more about the (lua)tex 
internals. Seems like I will have to go to one of the next ConTeXt user 
meetings so I can repay you with the beer(s) I now owe you :-)

Just in case someone else needs it: I used the following code now to reset 
my variable whenever a footnote is placed on a new page. That was necessary 
so a manually set footnote doesn't interfere with my citation-footnotes. 
(Otherwise, if a manually inserted footnote would be the first on a page, 
the next citation footnote would evaluate as "being on the same page as the 
last one".)


Best Regards (and many thanks again!)

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