Hi again,
although simplefonts seems very promising and I put the highest hopes
on it, the lack of proper documentation simply prevents me to use it,
which is somewhat frustrating.
Here are some of my unanswered questions about simplefonts ; I'm
willing to update the wiki with any informations this thread could

1) How can I specify that the default font features should enable the
standard ligatures (liga) ?
I blindly tried several possibilities like
\setupsimplefonts[features={liga}] but none worked

2) How can I get \sc to work with a font  family whose small caps are
defined as a font feature, rather than dedicated .otf files ?

3) How can I get font expansion and protrusion to work using
simplefonts' dedicated keywords ? There again, I spent more than 30
minutes trying every combination I could think of, unsuccessfully.
I think it would be useful to have a complete example of code
involving simplefonts and expansion/protrusion that people could copy
& paste from the wiki

4) What is the purpose of the 'mode' keyword ?

Many thanks in advance,
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