Am 19.01.10 18:56, schrieb Nicolas Girard:
Hi again,
although simplefonts seems very promising and I put the highest hopes
on it, the lack of proper documentation simply prevents me to use it,
which is somewhat frustrating.
I try to provide a proper documentation when I release the next
version of my module.
Here are some of my unanswered questions about simplefonts ; I'm
willing to update the wiki with any informations this thread could

1) How can I specify that the default font features should enable the
standard ligatures (liga) ?
I blindly tried several possibilities like
\setupsimplefonts[features={liga}] but none worked
Ligatures are enabled in ConTeXt default fontfeature and simplefonts applies only the default features to the font, when you don't get them in your document this could
be a font problem, in most cases it helps to select a different script.



2) How can I get \sc to work with a font  family whose small caps are
defined as a font feature, rather than dedicated .otf files ?
The caps font is loaded by default by the smallcaps fontfeature,
if this did not work the problem could be the same as for the ligatures.
3) How can I get font expansion and protrusion to work using
simplefonts' dedicated keywords ? There again, I spent more than 30
minutes trying every combination I could think of, unsuccessfully.
I think it would be useful to have a complete example of code
involving simplefonts and expansion/protrusion that people could copy
&  paste from the wiki

You can use the two keys expamsion ans protrusion, their values are
the same as you have e to write in \definefontfeature.




Examples are available on bitbucket:


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