On Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 10:05 PM, Oliver Heins <o...@sopos.org> wrote:
> Hi Luigi,
> luigi scarso <luigi.sca...@gmail.com> writes:
>> Why nx=6
> Because of the layout of the booklet.  The area should fit over two
> pages (= 6 columns).

>You can find the relevant pages
> of the booklet at http://sopos.org/olli/armut-fail.pdf

If I understand well, you want
an automatic solution
instead of a manual solution like this one

 \defineoverlay [foregraphics]
 \defineoverlay [backgraphics]


    \ruledhbox to \dimexpr 6\textwidth+2\backspace+1cm\relax{\raggedright
    \ruledvbox to 41\lineheight{\hsize=1.6\textwidth {\bfd 1}
\dorecurse{3}{ \input knuth }}
    \ruledvbox to 41\lineheight{\hsize=1.6\textwidth {\bfd 2}
\dorecurse{3}{ \input knuth }}
    \ruledvbox to 41\lineheight{\hsize=1.6\textwidth {\bfd 3}
\dorecurse{3}{ \input knuth }}
    \ruledvbox to 41\lineheight{\hsize=1.6\textwidth {\bfd 4}
\dorecurse{3}{ \input knuth }}

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