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> Hi Luigi,
> luigi scarso <luigi.sca...@gmail.com> writes:
>> On Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 10:05 PM, Oliver Heins <o...@sopos.org> wrote:
>>>You can find the relevant pages
>>> of the booklet at http://sopos.org/olli/armut-fail.pdf
>> If I understand well, you want
>> an automatic solution
>> instead of a manual solution like this one
> No.  I already did that.  I want that the
> | \subject{Victoria Beckham pregnant again!}
> |
> | Barack Obama is the father! Confronted with this fact, her husband
> | David Beckham said\,\dots (Actually, this is a very important news the
> | world should knew about!)
> part of my minimal example gets typeset.  By now, it doesn't.  To me
> that looks like a pretty big bug in ConTeXt.
> Best regards,
>  olli
For what I understand
and columnset with n=3 are not compatible.
I mean
1.95\textwidth and n=3 are not compatible

In mkii your \subject disappear, in mkiv no but things changes with
whiel with 1.0\textwidth things go well.
I'm not surprised because columnsets must be carefully managed .

I thought you wanted to place this fig in a span of two columns, but I
was wrong -- sorry.

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