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>> For what I understand
>> \placegrafik[btlr]{none}{\externalfigure[foo][width=1.95\textwidth]}
>> and columnset with n=3 are not compatible.
>> I mean
>> 1.95\textwidth and n=3 are not compatible
> Same is true for lines=19.  I think this is a bug in ConTeXt, and I
> wanted to report it, in the hope it will get fixed.
no surprise here ,as before
>> In mkii your \subject disappear, in mkiv no but things changes with
>> 1.92\textwidth
>> whiel with 1.0\textwidth things go well.
>> I'm not surprised because columnsets must be carefully managed .
> Sorry, but I won't consider a »feature working properly only under some
> very rare circumstances« a properly working feature, but a broken one.

I disagree here.
In columnsets I always  exactly specify what  I want to do, to avoid surprise.
For example in your situation I  use width=1.0\textwidth, because
is a non-sense for me: I cannot  put a figure large 1.95\textwidth in
a column large \textwidth.
If I need  to do so, then I must reserve a span in a some way.

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