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> Hello Wolfgang!
> On 2010-02-08 <12:25:58>, Wolfgang Schuster wrote:
>> ConTeXt has many features but sometimes there is something missing,
>> what feature or package do you miss which is already available in
>> another TeX system or unavailable in any TeX system?
> Most definately: all the details of Philipp Lehman's BibLaTeX package
> which is one of the greatest things LaTeX has to offer: multi-part
> bibliographies, lots of different citation rules, manifold idem/ibidem/
> op. cit. &c handling, authoring new styles -- all solved in one single
> stroke and neatly documented.
> That'd be "nice to have" …

I second this.  Right now, biblatex is the killer feature that I'm at
least partially stuck with LaTeX.

However, I wonder if it would be hard to do a port of biblatex to
context.  I've not looked into the code yet, but I doubt that there is
much LaTeX specific code...

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