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> Hi,
> is "t-greek-2008.08.11.zip" still valid (and recommended for MkIV?)
>> From contextgarden:
> The requested URL /modules/t-greek/doc/greek/ancientgreek.pdf was not found 
> on this server.
> The requested URL /modules/t-greek/doc/greek/readme.txt was not found on this 
> server.
> Steffen

Sorry, I was away for the weekend. I just checked: the version should work both 
with mkii and mkiv. I have been working on a new version with improved mkiv 
support for a while now, but haven't gotten round to releasing it yet (and 
demand hasn't been very high); that's why the documentation is missing. If all 
you want is just a few Greek words and if you're using mkiv, however, you don't 
need the module: just use a font that has support for Greek (e.g. Gentium, 
which is part of the minimals for that reason) and just type your Greek, and 
everything should work (no hyphenation, however). Maybe I can get my act 
together and release something in the next weeks, but you can use this version.

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