On 25-2-2010 21:17, James Fisher wrote:
Hi Hans,

Thanks for the reply -- and sorry for the rather grumpy way in which I posed
the question.  The problem for me was this mysterious "width=middle",
"height=middle" -- this is fairly undocumented at
http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Layout .  There is a mention of
"width=middle", but it's just followed by some code, most of which seems to
be irrelevant ("if cutspace == 0pt then cutspace = backspace; end"), and
there is no mention of "height=middle".  I would be more than willing to
document this myself, but what is it that "width=middle" actually *does*?
And what does "middle" actually *mean* -- the middle of *what*?

just the space between back- and cutspace

(there's also fit, which takes edges into account as they play a role in interactive documents)


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