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> Am 17.03.10 02:26, schrieb Michael Saunders:
>> 2. As far as I can tell from trying to decode examples, there is some
>> hidden connection between the first arguments of the second typescript
>> block and the font switches.  So, for example, a secret connection
>> between SerifBoldItalic and \bi seems to connect Junicode-BoldItalic
>> to \bi.  Fine, but, in all the examples I've seen, there are no more
>> than two weights and no widths.  In some cases, I have five weights
>> (light, book, medium, semi-bold, bold).  How do I set up the
>> typescript for this and the switches in the text?  Must I learn more
>> pairs like (SerifBoldItalic, \bi)?

Yes, but there are not many (tf, it, sl, bf, bi, bs, sc) and I assume
that they are extensible. See also below.

> You need more typefaces. One for light, another one for condensed etc.
> styles:
> Serif       -> \rm
> Sans        -> \ss
> Mono        -> \tt
> Handwriting -> \hw
> Calligraphy -> \cg
> alternatives:
> --
> Italic      -> \tf
> Slanted     -> \sl
> Bold        -> \bf
> BoldItalic  -> \bi
> BoldSlanted -> \bs
> Caps        -> \sc
> combinations:
> SerifItalic -> \rm\it, \rmit
> SansSlanted -> \ss\sl, \sssl
> MonoBold    -> \tt\bf, \ttbf

Maybe I'm wrong, but shouldn't it be possible (I didn't test) to
modify font-unk.mkiv and add a few extra definitions to the following?
(Maybe not modify font-unk itself, but just adding a couple of more
definitons to the typescript.)

\definebodyfont [default] [rm]
  [tf=Serif sa 1,
   bf=SerifBold sa 1,
   it=SerifItalic sa 1,
   sl=SerifSlanted sa 1,
   bi=SerifBoldItalic sa 1,
   bs=SerifBoldSlanted sa 1,
   sc=SerifCaps sa 1]

You could add your
  in=SerifYourFontVariantName sa 1,
  bd=SerifYourOtherFontVariantName sa 1,

And then

It's true that most people don't do that, but I see no reason for not
extending the model for your particular needs.

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