Am 18.03.10 02:32, schrieb Michael Saunders:
Consider, for example, something like this:  a book on film with a header:
"Fellini's Roma and 8 1/2".  I'm used to setting something like this
in this way:
Fellini's \it{Roma} and \it{\cvfrac{8}{1}{2}}
(where \cvfrac{}{}{} is a macro that gives me a compound vulgar fraction).
The header is itself in smallcaps, so what comes out is:
Fellini's<small caps>
Roma<italic small caps>
and<small caps>
8<italic proportional lining>  (italic and lining (i.e., uppercase)
because it's a title)
1/2<italic numerator><italic><italic denominator>
all with minimal effort on the part of the writer.  It seems natural that way.




\chapter{Fellini’s {\it Roma} and 8 1/2}

\input knuth



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