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This is just an example, but what I think you mean to say by it is
that the new command \addfs{} has the behavior I describe, but only
for otf features and not for things like switching to semibold or to
condensed (and, presumably, even if I'm able to define my own commands
for things like semibold, something like:
\sb ABC \it DEF
would set the DEF at regular weight).

Since I've never seen anyone talk about \addfs{}, but only give
examples, I'm guessing (but just guessing) that there exists somewhere
a list of what otf features are active at any given point, and that
this command can add to that list.  That's great.  I might not need it
anytime soon, but I'm just curious---are there other commands of this
kind?  Maybe something to clear the list?

this mechanism is one of the spin off's of the oriental tex project (where we play font fonts that have 50+ stylistic variants and 20+ justification variants)

\addfontfeaturetoset        {..} % merge
\subtractfontfeaturefromset {..} % merge
\addfontfeaturetofont       {..} % overload
\subtractfontfeaturefromfont{..} % overload


there's also \setfontfeature and \setff

in principle you can also use this to let fonts adapt to a language / script and in due time i'll add it as automatism there

(internally in mkiv this is what we call dynamic features)


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