Sorry for my beginners question.
I am experimenting with CSV parsing and I have miscellaneous delimiters.
Finding any delimiters is OK, but with any delimiters are problem - there are not to find inside string.
Here is my minimal example:

text2split='"1";"GYZA";"382/2010";"482/2010";"402";"Májkova";"Barbora";"20.4.1995";"Zábřeh, Skalička 48";"789 53"'
delim_from, delim_to = string.find(text2split, '";"')
tex.sprint(tostring(delim_from),' - ', tostring(delim_to),'\\par') -- OK

text2splitA='!1/;!GYZAs 482/2010/;!GYZA 382/2010/;!GYZA 482/2010/;!402/;!Májková/;!Barbora/;!ž/;!20.4.1995/;!Zábřeh/;!ČR/;!Mírov 69/;!Mírov/;!789 53/;!Májková/;!Michaela/;!Mírov 69/;!Mírov/;!789 53/;!/'
delim_from, delim_to = string.find(text2splitA, '!;/')
tex.sprint(tostring(delim_from),' - ', tostring(delim_to)) -- Not finding


Where is problem, where I making a mistake (I am beginning with Lua).

Thanx Jaroslav Hajtmar

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