includes no references
for \completecontent or \placecontent. "Context the Manual" discusses the
commands a bit but does not define them. Given that \completecontent is
listed in group 2 of the Top Ten Context commands that a beginner might
focus his or her attention on in the introduction to "Context the Manual,"
one might expect a bit more documentation of the command.

I have two problems related to the table of contents that I can't resolve
from my understanding of the documentation:

1. The table of contents is printed out of order in the PDF. It seems that
\completecontent must appear before the preface or foreword if they are to
be listed in the TOC. However, the Chicago Manual of Style calls for them to
be placed before the TOC in the book.

2. The introduction is placed in the frontmatter because placing it in the
bodymatter causes it to be treated as chapter 1. This location results in
the introduction having the same first page header as front matter. That
means that the introduction cannot be given a "fancy" first page similar to
the numbered chapters without giving it to the TOC, etc.

Follows is an example of a document that illustrates 1, above:




\input knuth

\input knuth




\chapter{Chapter One}
\input knuth

\chapter{Chapter Two}
\input knuth





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