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> What I would really, really, like is to add short definitions to each
> glossary record that could pop up as tooltips when the reader hovers
> over an unfamiliar word.  Since there is no mechanism for glossaries
> in Context, there is no mechanism to build this into, but I'm still
> interested in doing it.  The idea is, I could write something like:
> \gloss{strange word}{short definition}
> The text would read "strange word".  When you hover over it with the
> cursor, a tooltip would appear saying "short definition".  It would be
> great if this were linked to a glossary mechanism so I wouldn't have
> to keep writing the short definition---I could say something like:
> \gloss{strange word}
> and its short definition would be looked up automatically for the
> tooltip.  The automatic reference to the word might look like this, in
> the text:
> \gref{strange word}
> which would cause the page number at that point to be printed at the
> end of the glossary entry for "strange word".

I don't know how to make tooltips, but everything else is in the file attached.

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