Marius (2010-05-07 09:32):
> I think what are you looking for is possible with bib module. Look at
> the 3.1 section "Default and explicit citations"

Yes, it looks very interesting and not as complicated as in LaTeX - thank

But would it let me place such a list of publications:

  1. Author (year). Title.
  2. Author (year). Title.
  Internet resources

  3. URL


  4. Author (year). Title.

It seems that I could easily use \setuppublicationlayout to define a
'movies' type, but is listing references by type implemented (or easily
done with MKIV)? Intuitively, I would use

  \placepublications[criterium=[type, book]]

for each list...

--  Rogutės Sparnuotos
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