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Rogutės Sparnuotos wrote:
Taco Hoekwater (2010-05-09 08:15):
Rogutės Sparnuotos wrote:
But would it let me place such a list of publications:

1. Author (year). Title.
2. Author (year). Title.

Internet resources
3. URL

4. Author (year). Title.

It seems that I could easily use \setuppublicationlayout to define a
'movies' type, but is listing references by type implemented

Not in mkii.

But I am running MKIV, look one line below. So, is printing a list of
publications grouped by publication type possible or easily done with

I know it is not supported out of the box, but only Hans knows how
hard it would be to write an extension (it should be considerably
easier to do in lua than in TeX, but even so ...).

a more mkiv-ish approach is:


% <bibtex>
%   <entry tag="hagen:tb19-3-311" category="article">
%     <field name="number">3</field>
%     <field name="bibdate">Fri Jul 13 10:24:20 MDT 2007</field>
%     <field name="author">Hans Hagen</field>
%     <field name="journal">TUGboat</field>
% <field name="title">{Visual Debugging in \TeX, Part 1: The Story}</field>
%     <field name="ISSN">0896-3207</field>
%     <field name="year">1998</field>
%     <field name="pages">311--317</field>
%     <field name="volume">19</field>
%   </entry>
% </bibtex>

\def\MF  {MF}
\def\MP  {MP}
\def\TUB {TUGboat}
\def\Mc  {Mac}


\definebibtexsession [somebibtex]

\registerbibtexfile [somebibtex] [tugboat.bib]
\registerbibtexfile [somebibtex] [komoedie.bib]

\preparebibtexsession [somebibtex] % [convert]

\startxmlsetups bibtex:one
  \NC tag   \NC \xmlatt{#1}{tag} \NC\NR
  \NC author\NC \xmlfilter{#1}{/fie...@name='author']/context()} \NC\NR
  \NC title \NC \xmlfilter{#1}{/fie...@name='title' ]/context()} \NC\NR

\startxmlsetups bibtex:bibtex
        /fie...@name='author' and (find(text(),'Hans Hagen')
            or find(text(),'Taco Hoekwater'))]



\startxmlsetups bibtex:entry:getkeys
        {\xmlfilter{#1}{/fie...@name='year'  ]/text()}}

\startxmlsetups xml:bibtex:sorter
  % \xmlfilter{#1}{entry/command(bibtex:entry:getkeys)}
        /fie...@name='author' and find(text(),'Knuth')]

\startxmlsetups bibtex:entry:flush
    \xmlfilter{#1}{/fie...@name='author']/context()} / %
    \xmlfilter{#1}{/fie...@name='year'  ]/context()} / %



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