Dear all,

When defining abbreviations through \definesynonyms, if the abbreviation 
contains a digit then it seems that the built-in macro is not recognized: in 
the example below the command \EEG is recognized, whereas \M2 or \Y2K are not. 
Is there a way around this difficulty? Or should one use a definition like
and then use everywhere \inshort{Y2K}?

Many thanks in advance, with my best regards: OK

%%%% begin example-abbr.tex


\abbreviation{EEG} {Electroencephalogram}
\abbreviation{ERP} {Event-Related Potentials}
\abbreviation{M2}{Master 2nd year}
\abbreviation{Y2K}{Year 2000}

Test inshort working: \EEG, \ERP, 

Test not working \M2, \Y2K

Test infull: \infull{EEG}, \infull{ERP}, \infull{M2}


%%%% end example-abbr.tex
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