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  iii) Why should I better use \sometxt?

sometxt was introduced in mkii to avoid text processing mp, i.e. it is done at the context end in the current run and mp only gets dimensions; so, it avoids the nested tex run

in mkii there is some more trickery and much showed up whem for in instance Mojca wanted gnuplot to spit out mp

What do you mean by »more reliable«? After having read your MyWay I would say
that textext is more reliable because it can do dynamic text.

in mkiv textext is implemented differently; because we use mplib, processing time is less an issue anyway

I created a testfile to compare textext and \sometxt. The points to compare
were those you mentionend in your MyWay as advantages of \sometxt. The
testfile »t.tex« is attached. I processed it with

in mkiv there should be no big difference as it all boils down to the same (sometxt has a command applied which textext doesn't)

ConTeXt  ver: 2010.05.08
luatex, version beta-0.60.1-2010042821

Here are my results:

-There is one obvious reason: speed

     $ for i in `seq 5`; do context -mode=textext t | tail -1; done
     MTXrun | total runtime: 128.008
     MTXrun | total runtime: 37.893
     MTXrun | total runtime: 37.900
     MTXrun | total runtime: 38.391
     MTXrun | total runtime: 38.029
     $ rm t.{log,pdf,tuc}
     $ for i in `seq 5`; do context -mode=sometxt t | tail -1; done
     MTXrun | total runtime: 127.195
     MTXrun | total runtime: 40.131
     MTXrun | total runtime: 41.071
     MTXrun | total runtime: 37.424
     MTXrun | total runtime: 39.121

Average runtime:
     textext  variant: 56s
     \sometxt variant: 57s

That is the same. Maybe my test file is not appropriate to test the speed. I'm
sure you have performed more advanced tests.

you use mkiv

-Document-wide definitions are seen
   [...] definitions with arguments will fail to work.

The first line, a document-wide definition with arguments works in both

-Problems with expansion
   [...]  as far as I remember math expressions (fractions perhaps) never
   worked as they were supposed to

The second definition is a math expressions with fractions. It seems to work.

th emkii variant has some more limitations than the mkiv version

-Less characters to escape

Yes, that's the topic of this thread. I don't know, I didn't check. The only
check I performed was the ampersand and it needs the same workaround using
\letterbackslash as textext.

I know, your MyWay is old. Maybe some things are fixed now. But I don't see
many advantages for me using it.

don't expect mkii and mkiv to be 100% compatible in this area (mkii is somewhat stretching things to the limit)


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