On 14-5-2010 1:45, Marco wrote:
On Fri, 14 May 2010 12:44:47 +0200, Hans Hagen<pra...@wxs.nl>  wrote:

On 14-5-2010 12:06, Marco wrote:
for i=0 downto -3:
    label(\sometxt{\bold{Test}}, (7cm,-4cm))
      rotatedaround ((7cm,-4cm),i*20)
      withcolor transparent("normal", .2, (r,g,b));

because transparent overloads the mechanism that sometxt (textext)
uses for passing info to tex and back ... maybe some future version
will handle that (just comment the withcolor)
Ah, I see. I don't need it at the moment as I can use textext with the
code you provided.

Thanks for your explanation. I hope I'm not completely mistaken if I
conclude, that there are some advantages when using \sometxt in MkII,
but in MkIV both variants are basically the same.


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