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This is because the commands are interpreted with TeX before they are
written to mpgraph.mp. The \letterampersand or \& generates the
character & alone: you need to preceed it with backslash, so that
metapost finally knows what to do.

So, should all the \letter... commands (basically anything generated
from char-def.lua) be unexpandable?

You can also try \noexpand\letterampersand

The problem is that some definitions, likt \& and \# expand to letters which is needed when used in mp itself. That also means that resetting them to their normal meaning is not possible as textext is handled in mp and then already an \& has become a &.

As & is rather common, I added it to \nonknuthmode, so you can say:


        draw textext("Underscores, Superscripts & Ampersands" & "?") ;

Aditya: I also changed the definition of \_ in math ... it now looks better when used in script(scripts) .. see \fakeunderscore.


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