Am 2010-05-13 um 23:09 schrieb Hans Hagen:
I recall trying grid a while ago but it didn't work, looks like I have
to set \setuplayout[grid=force].

for sure there are bugs as it needs much testing but we have predefined grid setups:

% none             don't enlarge
% halfline         enlarge by halfline/halfline
% line             enlarge by line/line
% strut            enlarge by ht/dp (default)
% first            align to top line
% last             align to bottom line
% mindepth         round depth down
% maxdepth         round depth up
% minheight        round height down
% maxheight        round height up
% local            use local interline space
% shift:-3tp       vertical shift within box

\definegridsnapping[normal]   [maxheight,maxdepth,strut]
\definegridsnapping[standard] [maxheight,maxdepth,strut]
\definegridsnapping[yes]      [maxheight,maxdepth,strut]

\definegridsnapping[strict]   [\v!maxdepth:0.8,maxheight:0.8,strut]
\definegridsnapping[tolerant] [\v!maxdepth:1.2,maxheight:1.2,strut]

\definegridsnapping[top]      [minheight,maxdepth,strut]
\definegridsnapping[bottom]   [maxheight,mindepth,strut]
\definegridsnapping[both]     [minheight,mindepth,strut]

\definegridsnapping[broad]    [maxheight,maxdepth,strut,0.8]
\definegridsnapping[fit]      [maxheight,maxdepth,strut,1.2]

\definegridsnapping[first]    [first]
\definegridsnapping[last]     [last]
\definegridsnapping[high]     [minheight,maxdepth,none]
\definegridsnapping[low]      [maxheight,mindepth,none]
\definegridsnapping[line]     [line]
\definegridsnapping[strut]    [strut]

\definegridsnapping[max]      [maxdepth,maxheight,strut]
\definegridsnapping[min]      [mindepth,minheight,strut]

eventually an structural elements will have a grid key


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