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I am running ConTeXt mark IV. I need to use metauml for my work.
However, I could not get it installed. Please help. The install file
which comes with it does not work for context.

more info needed .. test file and so


Sorry about this. Following is from a file for which I took the code from
mailing list itself.

Sorry to bother you  people. It is a pain to waste time like this.
Since metaobj works
with context I will extend and use it to draw UML diagrams. I just
thought that since
it is mentioned as a package at contextgarden I was hoping that it
will work out of the

string metauml_defaultFont ; metauml_defaultFont := "\truefontname{Serif}" ; string metauml_defaultFontOblique ; metauml_defaultFontOblique := "\truefontname{SerifItalic}" ; string metauml_defaultFontBold ; metauml_defaultFontBold := "\truefontname{SerifBold}" ; string metauml_defaultFontBoldOblique ; metauml_defaultFontBoldOblique := "\truefontname{SerifBoldItalic}" ;

    input metauml;

At least prevents the error but alignment is weird. Some pseudo typesetting is going on and the quality is suboptimal then (after all mp just pastes glyphs then). Take this:

Class.A ("Point") ("+x: int", "+y: int") ();

It's probably no big deal for the author to support pictures instead of strings

Class.A ("Point") (btex +x: int etex, "+y: int") ();

Class.A ("Point") (textext("+x: int"), "+y: int") ();

It's probabaly already possible somehow but i have no time to look into the code in detail now.


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