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On 15-5-2010 8:14, Tomáš Pustelník wrote:
Also I have question. In my bachelor thesis I'm describe language
support for ConTeXt and when I tried add some experimental language into
ConTeXt (I define system constants and add \loadcorefile{lang-exp} to
context.mkii and context.mkiv) and when generating format for MkII
everything was ok but for MkIV ConTeXt complained he can't find file
lang-exp.tex (I paste it in base folder to other source codes). Any idea
whats wrong? In MkIV must I change something else as well?

Ah .. you look in the wrong spot. There's a file:


and interfaces are defined there. I generate the mult-* files using

  mtxrun interface --context

Now, if you just want to experiment, you need to patch mult-def.lua.

You can make a mult-def-mine.lua:

  local t = require "mult-def.lua"

  t.commands.framed.xx = "frmd"

  -- print(table.serialize(t.commands.framed))

  return t

I patched mtx-interface.lua so that you can say;

  mtxrun interface --context mult-def-mine.lua

There is also --messages for the message files.

Of course you have to make a cont-xx.tex file as well.


Thank you, this will be handy (actually I was planing to ask about user interface as well). But what I had in mind was new language definition (like lang-sla, lang-ger and so on), perhaps I could be more precise.

But anyway, thanks. As I said, I will use this as well.

Tomas P.
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