On Sat, 15 May 2010, Tomáš Pustelník wrote:
 On 15-5-2010 7:10, Tomáš Pustelník wrote:
>  I'm using version 2010.05.13 12:15 so if there isn't some special way
>  how to download beta I should be using lates version. Also in MkIV I set
>  sorting with this command?

 normally the garden is a few hours behind the website

 you can fetch the beta from the website and unzip it in texmf-context and
 then run luatools --generate

>  \enabletrackers[sorters.tests]

 just tracking

Thanks, it's working now, but still it sort some words bit different compared to MkII. But it's ok for now, I will check czech norm and try to fix it if needed.

Also I have question. In my bachelor thesis I'm describe language support for ConTeXt and when I tried add some experimental language into ConTeXt (I define system constants and add \loadcorefile{lang-exp} to context.mkii and context.mkiv) and when generating format for MkII everything was ok but for MkIV ConTeXt complained he can't find file lang-exp.tex (I paste it in base folder to other source codes). Any idea whats wrong? In MkIV must I change something else as well?

Did you run luatools --generate.

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