On 16-5-2010 9:26, Mojca Miklavec wrote:
On Sun, May 16, 2010 at 04:21, Riobard wrote:
Hi Otared,

Actually I'm using MKII (ConTeXt + XeTeX). MacTex 2009 (based on Tex
Live 2009) does not produce correct result. I installed ConTeXt
minimals and it worked (again, with XeTeX, so MKII I assume?).

I can confirm that it's broken in MacTeX 2009, but since it works in
current version it might be better to concentrate on TeX Live 2010 at
the moment and make sure that as few bugs as possible are left in that
one (including testing this particular command).

ConTeXt has not been integrated into TL tree yet (I didn't really
check, but I didn't hear about that yet), however this might happen

just a remark: showmathcharacters is a mkii command and for luatex (i.e. mkiv) there are other commands; as i never run xetex (apart from generating formats) i haven't tested all those show-commands but it is unlikely that something will change as mkii primarily targets at the 8 bit engines and as such is frozen


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