Hi, I indeed agree with Taco… but it depends on your input format,
your purpose, etc.

For me, the issue can't be resumed to a power comparison between
povray and metapost because these tools serve differents purposes!

If you want to obtain 3D realistic rendering (with raytracing),
you definitely have to use povray, YafaRay and co. and embed the
resulting image(s), or movies as usual (I myself never try to
embed movies and consequently can't state if that's possible).

Else, if you already have an existing 3D model (using 3ds, blend,
lwo, … format), wanted to *embed* (not just as an image) it within
your final document/pdf with *potential interactivity* and if
realistic rendering is not your point you should consider using
u3d or prc format and read and try to use it. Search the ML for
further details. The main point here is the 3D model conversion to
u3d or prc…

If you start from scratch and really want to *embed* your 3D
model, consider using asymptote to produce a prc file and proceed
as in the previous point (see the ML for details). I have never
done that.

The real issue is: what's your need ?

For example, on the one hand I have used u3d embedding for my PhD
slides because I wanted to be able to show some details of my 3D
model but doesn't want to open a heavy CAD application… On the
other hand, I have used povray renderings on the very same 3D
model in my PhD thesis. I have used metapost a lot for the same
document, but only for 2D diagrams…

Best regards,


>>>>> "Taco" == Taco Hoekwater <t...@elvenkind.com> writes:

Taco> Shiv Shankar Dayal wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have needs of graphics which is very heavy and I am using metapost,
>> metaobj and metauml. However, as you may know the problems which I
>> have reported I think that it would be better if I use POV-Ray for
>> images. Sure the file size is going to be blown up by a margin but I
>> think metapost can not beat POV-Ray in terms of power.

Taco> Nor in terms of total processing time. ;)

>> Please advice.

Taco> It totally depends on the type of images you need.

Taco> Best wishes, Taco

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