The defaults of interaction seem to be a bit strange (are they meant for
slides?)... Could someone please help me with these points?

A) Clicking on a reference to a footnote should take me to the footnote at
   the bottom of the page.
B) Once at the bottom of the page, clicking on the footnote number should
   take me back to where it was referenced.

A) doesn't work, hence the first question: is there a parameter that I can
   give to \setupinteraction[], to make links work when the destination of
   the reference is on the same page as the reference itself?

B) changes the zoom level, even with 'focus=standard', and takes me to the
   previous page. An example:
     \footnote{Note 1}\pagebreak
     \footnote{Note 2}\pagebreak
     \footnote{Note 3}
   Compile, open pdf, go to the bottom of the document, click on the green

By the way, why isn't the 'focus=standard' parameter mentioned in either
Reference/en, or in setup-en.pdf? Found about it here:

P.S. I am using the 'evince' document viewer; PDFs generated with XeLaTeX
work very well.

--  Rogutės Sparnuotos
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