I the case probably yes. Now I have new info how to continue with my MkII-->MkIV conversion, so I will do. I prefer to keep the XML schema and the style as clean and simple as possible, but this does not necessarily mean that the typesetting code itself will be clean and simple too :-),

Thanks for now; I will ask you, if I do not succeed :-),


Dne 1.6.2010 9:51, Hans Hagen napsal(a):
On 1-6-2010 9:03, Martin Kolařík wrote:
I see,

and for the single case it works. Also saving is fine, I am using it.
Unfortunately, my example was too reduced :-). In fact, I have a problem
with more complex documents, for example, think about:

<caption>Some <inline what="something"> caption</caption>

Now, if I want not to only typeset a caption, but also to store it and
reuse it later (typeset it twice, e.g. in the marging or elsewhere in
the page, ...), it fails (on \processaction, \doif, ...).

can't you just filter the caption then? in principle you can access each element everywhere

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