Am 01.06.10 00:29, schrieb Scott Steele:
If anyone has any insight on how to keep the footnotes from having their numbers in the margin and from having line-breaks after each one, that is the only issue from the original email that is still unsolved, I think.


In Latex, \fancybreak was part of a package called, I believe, fancyheader or fancypage. It produced a break frequently seen in published prose (I'm currently reading {\em Bluebeard} where Kurt Vonnegut uses it liberally) with significant vertical space between two paragraphs and, centered both in that vertical space as well as horizontally, a number of well-spaced marks. There are usually 3 marks, and they are frequently asterisks or traditional dingbats/fleurons. This sort of break is generally used when the author wishes to indicate a break more significant than a change in paragraph but short of an outright new chapter.

\def\FancyBreak{\par\blank\hfill* * *\hfill\hfill\par\blank}

   \midaligned{* * *}


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