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Am 02.06.10 00:14, schrieb Matthias Weber:
 Dear all,

 I have two questions regarding using spacing in enumerations. Depending on
 a mode being enabled, I would like to add a command at the beginning of
 an enumeration (I want to place something in the margin, but it doesn't
 actually matter what I do, only when).
 As shown in the minimal example below, invoking the macro that does
 something, a little extra space is added.
 I don't know why, it is probably something very TeX-basic I am ignorant
 of. So: How do I get rid of the extra space?
 The problem occurs both in mk2 and mk4, I would prefer a solution that
 also works in mk2.



 \startmode    [mma]

  {\startmode[mma]% not sure here

or maybe


or perhaps


% override the definition in a mode
\def\mma{in mode mma}

or use setups

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