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> > After short research I found out that most pdf readers don't
> > support Java Script (so do xpdf and sumatra). So, this is not
> > really a portable solution.
> > 
> > Any hints for achieving the same result in a portable way without
> > Java Script appreciated.
> Yes, unfortunately this does not work with libpoppler (okular,
> evince) either.
> A (universal) solution would be to adapt \StartSteps\StopSteps
> to generate multiple PAGES that would be progressively filled.
That would be the solution I am looking for. But it seems not yet to
exist. Coding this is far behind my scope.

> Not as sexy as javascript but it would work.
I find a solution working in every reader more sexy than a solution
heavily depending on the used P(ortable)DF reader. Java Script seems
unlikely to be implemented in the majority of readers. It's the same
issue with sound and video in PDF files.

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