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> Marco wrote:
> >>
> >> A (universal) solution would be to adapt \StartSteps\StopSteps
> >> to generate multiple PAGES that would be progressively filled.
> > That would be the solution I am looking for. But it seems not yet to
> > exist. 
> \usemodule[pre-50]
> Same interface as pre-60, but using pages (and a bit limited,
> iirc: all \FlushSteps end a paragraph, or something like that).
Thanks for this hint. That goes in the right direction, however it's not
really working. Take this code:

\usemodule [simpleslides, pre-50]
\SlideTitle {My Topic}
  \item First
    \item Second \FlushStep
    \item Third  \FlushStep

The first item is placed correctly on the first page. The second item is
misplaced, it's also on the first page and (you're right Taco) a paragraph is
superfluously introduced. The third item is placed correctly, after the


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