> more acrobat and initialization and so ... some of these things change
> per version; which version of acrobat? test file?

I have Adobe Reader 9.3.2, which I think is the latest.  The following test:


produces a pdf which opens up with the purple band at the top.  There
is a button (which doesn't look much like a button) on the left of
this band that will hide it when pressed.  Still I'd like to control

I have a closely-related question.  I'm preparing a document for
screen reading, and I always have to push the Adobe Read button "click
to show one page at a time" to make it behave nicely.   I'm guessing
that the command to keep the purple band from my screen is similar to
the one that would push this button automatically and begin the
document in the one-page-at-a-time mode.  I'm using:


and I've tried every value I can think of for ???, but maybe that's
not the solution.
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