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Perhaps your pdf-viewer does not support javascript.
I use acroread version 9.3.2
Cheers, Peter
After short research I found out that most pdf readers don't support Java
Script (so do xpdf and sumatra). So, this is not really a portable solution.

Any hints for achieving the same result in a portable way without Java
Script appreciated.

I think that a luatex solution should be easy (for Hans, hint hint).

Collect everything on a page, and do some attribute magic to reveal it one by one (or change colors, etc). Personally, I occasionally use a primitive and ugly solution

 \item ...
 \2{\item ...}
 \3{\item ...}
 \4{\item ...}

where \StartSteps collects its body, typesets it 4 times. In the first iteration, \1 = \donoting, everything else is \gobbleoneargument; in the 2nd iteration, \1 and \2 = \donothing and so on.

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