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As I said, it started out as a private project, but just wanted to see if
others found it useful.

What about presenting your work at the ConTeXt conference and in MAPS magazine?

You'll be able to meet the biggest ConTeXt gurus there, learn a lot
from them, Luigi will give you a short lesson on "Why I switched from
Python to Lua"
"Because it's better
That's all folks -- free time now"

The best presentation ever, even better than Taco's one at last eurotex meeting.

I switched from python to Lua x context, this is true;
I'm still using it for other tasks, particularly  Plone,
and sometimes sagemath.
It's not a bad language at all.

When it comes to writing non-luatex code, I'll pick python anytime of
the day, a light language with almost no standard library is not what
one always need.

Oh God, I really didn't want to generate all this fuss, it's really a _very_ primitive script. If I have more time, I'll certainly look into Lua, but I chose Python because:

a. it handles complicated string operations, io, regex, etc right out of the box, all of which were needed. b. I'm slightly above noob level with python, as opposed to almost every other language (except Fortran, which was not exactly a front-runner) c. I'm rather more than ignorant about almost every other font tool out there

I just reckoned that there has got to be a good way of automatically writing those long, complicated typescripts. I did start such a thing in emacs, but then realised that its not a very portable solution (although I do have a whole bunch of macros for converting LaTeX and AMSmath code into ConTeXt if anyone is interested).
Michael Murphy
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