Am 06.06.10 10:59, schrieb Rogutės Sparnuotos:
I just copied the code from a MkII-XeTeX doc, hoping it will
work...should've tested before sending...could've just worked.

I had no idea what the 'Xserif' option does, and now one more riddle -
'specserif'. But even with this change, MkIV doesn't print anything:

!define font    : font with name cmuserif-normal-normal is not found
!define font    : unknown font cmuserif-normal-normal, loading aborted
!define font    : unable to define cmuserif-normal-normal as \*cyr12ptrmtf*

You're right but this is a problem with the regular style of cmu serif,
the font specifies it's own weight as medium but mkiv expects normal.

As you can see here the mechanism works but the results are font dependant.

\definetypeface[cyr][rm][specserif][CMU Serif]
\setupbodyfont[cyr, 12pt]
\bf Калейдоскоп


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