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Michael Murphy wrote:

Thanks for the code, but that turns out not to help. The problem seems
to be when I want to have references in footnotes (see attached
minimal example).

Ok, now I see. Attached is a new version of min_bib_fn.tex that fixes
citations in footnotes. However ... something totally weird happens
in the current context and beta's: the footnote appears to be repeated
inside the body text.

For some reason I do not understand, \placepublications also seems to
process the footnote list (and because there is no proper definition
for handling them, rubbish appears on the top of the publication list).

This problem is not caused by the \cite inside the \footnote, nor by the
redefinition of \cite, it happens without those as well.

Thanks, that works a treat. I also noticed the thing with the footnote, but it doesn't happen in my main document, so I wondered if it had something to do with the minimal setup. But you're right, it seems to always happen with \placepublications.

Anyway, I've now modified things slightly so that I can still use the optional forms of \cite (like \cite[authoryear]), so my file now looks like



\setuppublications[refcommand=authoryears, criterium=all]

  \def\processitem##1{\ifSEEN, \else\SEENtrue \fi \NORMALcite[##1]}%
  (\processcommalist[#2]\processitem )}



Of course, the other disadvantage of this at present is that I don't get 'and' separating the last two references when I use \domycite. But I can live with that (on screen at least, for printing I can revert to the old behaviour).

Michael Murphy
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