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luigi scarso wrote:

On Wed, Jun 9, 2010 at 2:24 PM, Taco Hoekwater<t...@elvenkind.com>  wrote:
At least it seems ok now in a fresh install. I just did one
of those, and there is only one thing that I noticed: I had to
run 'texexec --make en' by hand. I don't know if that is normal?

Everything else seems to work fine.

Not here on my linux 32 bit box :

MTXrun | run: mktexlsr
sh: mktexlsr: not found

/opt/luatex/minimals-beta-2010/bin/mtxrun:9270: cannot open
tree:////opt/luatex/minimals-beta-2010/tex/texmf-project/: No such
file or directory
but texmf-project exists

Same here, but it can be "easily" circumvented by sourcing setuptex first.
(in my case: source tex/setuptex&&  sh first-setup.sh)

But the stubs, or mtxrun, or whatever handles that usually indeed doesn't
seem to set paths correctly anymore. On Windows I could have texworks just
call context.exe and everything worked, now I have to make sure,
setuptex.bat was executed first.

Seems I spoke too soon: I can indeed get hold of the latest version, but if I want an older version (like --context=2010.06.24), I run into the same problem as luigi. And I do want an older version, since for some reason the kerning is a bit screwed up on current.

Michael Murphy
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