Hi all,

one of the biggest drawbacks to writing my thesis in ConTeXt was that
much of the material had already been written in LaTeX, and I didn't
really want to have to go through by hand and change all the syntax.
Borne out this laziness was atoctx.el (which originally meant 'AMSTeX to
ConTeXt', but perhaps now should be called 'latoctx.el'). It's
essentially a set of macros that look through a document and tries to
convert lots of different LaTeX syntax to ConTeXt. At the moment, it
handles the following environments:


and the following macros


There are still bugs, and several more environments would be useful, but
if anyone thinks that it would be useful to them, then please go ahead
and use it. (Even better, if you'd like to help me write more of it,
drop me a line.)

I know that it's written in elisp which perhaps already excludes a
majority of people who don't use emacs, but I didn't have the patience
to write it in any other language.

Anyway, you can grab it at


Michael Murphy

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