Dear ConTeXt list,
I encountered a weird behaviour while using typefile. Here is a
minimal example, to illustrate what I am saying.  We have two files,
test.txt and test.tex, respectively (between the  ---------).

Now, if you save those lines into test.txt and test.tex, and if you
compile the tex file, you get the exact same boxes.  As far as I
understand it, ConTeXt works as I expect when there is no empty line,
meaning that it typeset the lines between start and stop. However,
when there is an empty line right after the last line, ConTeXt also
includes it.  I don't really understand that behaviour. Perhaps it is
something to do with different paragraphs, I don't know.

However, what I do know is that it is annoying.  It adds an empty line
at an unwanted place, and it looks unprofessional in my text.  So, my
question is the following :
1. Why does it behave like that? Is that a bug?
2. What should I do to solve that problem?


Géry D.
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