After finding out that line numbering works different in Mark IV I tried using 
this version on Mac OS X via MacTeX 2009. I modified TeXworks to use "texexec 
--lua $filename" as for ConTeXt. I have updated MacTeX to latest version and 
actually I still cant' make it work. I tried following this guide: 
http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Install_Mark_IV Except I didn't set any 
environment variables and ctxtools fails: CtxTools | unable to fetch 
When updating MacTeX I got multiple failed messages in log regarding luatex, 
pdftext and etc. Overall all update failed in MacTex re-configuration.
I will can make standard ConTeXt document (don't know how to call them), but 
not the new ones with Lua support (Mark IV, I think it's called).
It looks like Mark IV does not work by default?
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