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After finding out that line numbering works different in Mark IV I tried using this 
version on Mac OS X via MacTeX 2009. I modified TeXworks to use "texexec --lua 
$filename" as for ConTeXt. I have updated MacTeX to latest version and actually I 
still cant' make it work. I tried following this guide: 
http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Install_Mark_IV Except I didn't set any environment 
variables and ctxtools fails: CtxTools | unable to fetch cont-tmf.zip
When updating MacTeX I got multiple failed messages in log regarding luatex, 
pdftext and etc. Overall all update failed in MacTex re-configuration.
I will can make standard ConTeXt document (don't know how to call them), but 
not the new ones with Lua support (Mark IV, I think it's called).
It looks like Mark IV does not work by default?

First this:

- the right command to run mkiv is 'context' and in an editor you can best use:

  mtxrun --script context --autogenerate .....

  or just

  context --autogenerate .....

- formats are generated automatically (also after an update) so that should be no problem

- the same is true for the font database

- you can still process mkii documents if you add

  % engine=pdtfex

at the top of your file (eventually i'll do the bit that mkii needs in lua as wel so that we no longer need ruby)

Now concerning texworks. The problem is that (at least last time i looked into it which is quite a while ago) much is hard coded and that configurations files are auto generated. And, as it's mostly a latex oriented editor, it's hard to make it context friendly.

There is "mtxrun --script texworks --start" that (at least on windows) should start up texworks in 'context only' mode. There are configuration files in the distribution under <root>/context/data that you can give a try.


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