On 25-6-2010 12:09, David Abdurachmanov wrote:

I had earlier problems with line numbering, after cleaning MacTeX from my Mac 
and fully reinstalling and updating (I even updated ConTeXt to the latest 
version as described in wiki and regenerated everything) and again have 
problems. The good sign is that ConTeXt works without problems, but behavior is 
different. All my line numberings are gone.
Looks like \startlinenumbering only numbers that lines that are longer and does 
not fit to the page. If the line is shorter it's not numbered. Mostly all lines 
at the end of paragraph are not numbered and source code examples too.
Is that default behavior in latest version?
I am still new in TeX world, but ConTeXt looks quite good compared to LaTeX, 
but I keep bumping into problems.
That ConTeXt minimals give full support of ConTeXt?

example code needed

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