Am 25.06.10 09:23, schrieb Peter Van Kranenburg:
On 6/25/10 5:17 AM, Wolfgang Schuster wrote:
Am 25.06.10 00:31, schrieb Peter Van Kranenburg:
Hello all,

Can someone tell me the Dutch commands for \starttablehead and
\starttabletail? I can't find it. Context gives an error message when
I use the English commands.

\starttablehead : \starttabelkop
\starttabletail : \starttabelstaart


So, in mult-def.lua I have to look for tablehead instead of starttablehead. I did a 'grep starttablehead mult-def.lua', which returns no match. Good to know.

The search result depends on the way how the command was defined, for \starttable you can search 'starttable' because this is the internal command name and the dutch interface defines \starttabel as \def\starttabel{\starttable} but \starttabelkop is generated with the format generation. When you take a look into the code you can see the command is defined with '\setvalue{\e!start\v!tablehead}' and the two values \e!start and \v!tablehead are replaced with their dutch words 'start' and 'tabelkop'.


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