I've just installed ConTeXt "minimal" and had a look at "ConTeXt, The
Manual".  I typed in the example document that starts at the bottom of
page 13 (called it eg.tex) and ran context.  It produced the file
eg.pdf and I notice that it ran luatex with the option

Thanks, those who have done massive amounts of advanced work on
ConTeXt and luatex, huge projects which are costing me nothing.  But,
I have a problem.

I have a PostScript printer.  I'd prefer not to have to run pdf2ps.

How can ps output be produced directly?  "context --backend=ps eg"
doesn't do it and there is nothing about --backend or other options in
the index, of "ConTeXt, The Manual", as far as I can see.  There's no
Reference/en/backend on the wiki.
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