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2010/7/9 luigi scarso <luigi.sca...@gmail.com>:
pdf and dvi are ??the only backend .
In mkiv (I suppose you are using mkiv because of ??"context" )
the pdf backend is actually the only backend.

Luigi has summarized it pretty much. Even though LuaTeX can actually
produce DVI, I'm not sure if it can be called to do so from ConTeXt.

On the other hand, MkII provides --dvi switch which actually produces
ps using dvips, so you can try that.

Thanks for your reply.  Both.  But Luigi seems to say LuaTeX can NOT
actually produce DVI.  Or is that just ConTeXt?  With "minimals" I can't
run luatex directly.  It wants a format file that is not there.
Presumably "maximals" has it.  So I can't try using "luatex
--backend=dvi hello_world" directly on my hello_world.tex to see if
that option's supported.

The "LuaTeX Reference" has not yet achieved an index and I don't know
where else a list of luatex command line options might be found.

But if there is no dvi or final ps output I think perhaps ConTeXt is
not for me just now.  Something Unix-oriented would be more usable.
Something alien will throw up other problems.

Oh, yes.  May have a look at MkII.  But does it use LuaTeX?  The
possibility of easy macros in Lua rather than difficult macros in TeX
would be one attraction of ConTeXt.  Maybe Eplain LuaTeX is what I

Thanks again.
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